another look at James Griffith’s Natural Selection series

I wrote about artist James Griffith’s Natural Selection series here, as he was preparing for that show, and have heard now that he’s off in a new direction for a show to be held sometime in 2014. Something to do with glass perhaps? Very intriguing. Still, I can’t quite let go of the Natural Selection series and wanted to grace the pages of the blog again with a few of those images. Must be infuriating for artists to have their audience cling to old work (“Why don’t you paint another Starry Night, dude?”)

Now, as I paint images of contemporary nature in a medium such as tar, the image is re-framed with an awareness of this moment’s ancient provenance. It underscores its place in time. The ‘painted moment’ can be seen as a brief segment in a vast fluid process we call Nature.”
— James Griffith, “Natural Selection”


Dark Wings – Finch, Tar on Panel


Crow and Tool, Tar, copper sulphate on panel


Young Crows – Natural Selection, Tar, Pollen, Human Ash

For information on future work or availability of paintings from the Natural Selection series, contact James Griffith at

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  1. I loved these the first time you showed them and I’m taken again with the beauty of the limited palette and gorgeous rendering.

  2. Denise says:

    Jane, it’ll be interesting to see what James is up to now. From tar to….?

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