when agaves become homebodies

I’m sure these images have been kicking around design blogs for some time, but if they have I’ve missed them.
(Found here at Miluccia, via the magazine Ideat.)
It’s easy to become numbed by the tsunami of photos of interiors available online, but this one snagged my full attention. The light, the chairs, the fascinating wire armature, the writhing agaves. I’m wondering if our sagging 100-year-old wood floors could stand this kind of excitement.

http://www.miluccia.net/2011/08/vivre-au-milieu-des-cactus.html photo 67307286.jpg

 photo 67307225.jpg

 photo 67307210.jpg

 photo 67307263.jpg

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3 Responses to when agaves become homebodies

  1. Lena says:

    You may think this is weird, but I have always loved the look of GIGANTIC plants kept in comparatively tiny pots. It puts me in mind of women wearing tall stilettos with big, bustling dresses that have a million underskirts. I’m having a hard time thinking of the word to describe that, but I’m with you. I’ve loved these photos since I first saw them awhile ago. Dream living room!

  2. kathy says:

    I could be comfortable in this environment, but I wonder about the Agaves..even though the room is clearly well-lit it seems like not the ideal situation. However if ones income allows, have two of everything and rotate inside to outside.

  3. Denise says:

    @Lena, I think you’ve hit on what appeals about this room. I’ve never grown tall cacti, indoors or out, but I have seen them staked and tied around town, so the that great wirework must also be sensible support.
    @Kathy, light and temperature, I’ve been wondering about that too. Dustin has been growing an enormous Agave attenuata indoors and says the trick is to never water it once it’s moved inside. I think its window faces west.

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