Where are the Women Designers?

In the aftermath of this year’s Chelsea show, the dearth of entries by women is discussed in this provocative article from the Telegraph.

The article quotes a Sue Hayward, who wonders if the deficit can be due to the fact that, instead of burly construction matters and hardscape, “women have more affinity with plants – only a minority want to get down and dirty.” Really? And this line startled me too: “Is it, in part, because so many female garden designers are career-changers working part-time?” I wonder who’s crunched those numbers, or is this just anecdotal?

Perhaps some of these questions will be addressed in the BBC radio program to be aired May 31 on women and gardening.

More information and interviews found here.

Happy holidays to those readers celebrating them today, whether it be Bank Holiday or Memorial Day or something else.

Choppy segue to Artemisia pedemontana, a ground-hugging charmer in the front gravel garden but velcro for sticks and other bits.


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