Occasional Daily Photo 7/25/13

I’m tying this ODP in with Loree’s favorite plant of the week thread at Danger Garden.

 photo P1017650.jpg

Agave attenuata ‘Ray of Light’

I’ve noticed a theme to favorite plants. They’re the ones that beat zonal odds or some foolish mishandling on the gardener’s part. It’s the latter case with this agave. I moved it roughly and hurriedly, in the wrong season, because I suddenly needed it right there. The lower leaves tell that story. But the luscious new growth it’s since been putting out this summer is what makes it my favorite plant of the week. Even the anti-variegation crowd can’t possibly begrudge what slim stripes do for agaves, right?

From the San Marcos Growers website: “This plant was discovered in 2003 by Graeme John Burton of Ohaupo, New Zealand as a vegetative sport of Agave attenuata ‘Tandarra’s Tiger’ in a greenhouse in Hamilton, New Zealand. It received US Plant Patent 21,854 in April 2011.”

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7 Responses to Occasional Daily Photo 7/25/13

  1. “I’ve noticed a theme to favorite plants. They’re the ones that beat zonal odds or some foolish mishandling on the gardener’s part”…yes ma’m! I’ve got this same plant, it looked so sad this spring in it’s container. I sprung it and put it in the ground (of course it will have to be lifted before winter) and now it looks fabulous! Not as good as yours but close. Such a beautiful plant.

  2. Kris P says:

    It’s a good-looking agave. There’s just enough variegation to give it a special something. How big does it get? I’m looking for an agave to replace the Renga lilies I have on my slope.

  3. This is a gem Denise, love it

  4. kathy says:

    I confess to moving plants at the least opportune time..a few failures but most of the time plants demonstrate their ability to triumph over inept human intervention.

  5. Denise says:

    Loree, I’ve done the same thing to the blue attenuata which may or may not be what the Huntington calls ‘Nova.’ Still too sad looking for a fave of the week.
    Kris, on their site San Marcos says the varieg reaches the same size as the species. That would be lovely on a slope.
    Deanne, I’ll keep an eye out for pups 😉
    Kathy, for me it’s this coastal climate that enables such foolishness. And most of the time I get away with it too.

  6. A. attenuata is probably the agave I most wish we could grow in the ground here. This one is even more compelling – it’s utterly lovely.

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