Occasional Daily Photo 12/4/13

 photo P1011007.jpg

These gazanias were pulled up last spring to make room for the manfredas, but obviously some roots escaped my trowel.

 photo P1011011.jpg

whoa. I’m rubbing my eyes after looking at just two flowers. Imagine fields of them in South Africa.

 photo P1011016.jpg

I have to say I do like how the manfreda’s spots pick up the red in the gazania.

8 thoughts on “Occasional Daily Photo 12/4/13

  1. I love those gazanias Denise, and think they’re a great match with the manfredas. I’m having trouble with my manfredas and think they might go the way of my roses (ie, binned) this autumn. My aggravation is that they have lost their spots and are anxious to take over the entire bed. Soil too good maybe?

  2. Robin, the manfredas are taking over here too, but I thought it was a good thing! The soil is dry and full of tetrapanax roots, so I’m letting the manfredas do what they will for now. It’d be such fun to tour gardens and chat plants with you. Until I get to Oz, maybe you should think about coming to the blogger meetup here in the U.S. in Portland, OR this spring ((http://gardenbloggersfling.blogspot.com/p/upcoming.html). There’s an amazingly vibrant garden community there.

  3. What a perfect pairing! The gazanias are indeed bright but, at this time of year, that brightness seems more welcoming than garish. And obviously the gazanias think they belong there.

  4. Hoov, good point, extreme color & spots and stripes! No wonder my eyes hurt.
    Kris, so true about color and this time of year. I think I planted them in fall/winter of 2012 for that very reason.
    Peter, both of these plants are tough. I wonder who will get the upper hand here?

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