a gift from Rancho Reubidoux

My flea market buddy, Reuben, stopped by recently to pick up some odds and ends left over from the flea, but very, very kindly left behind a few of them, including this wrought iron orb that I was particularly smitten with, which now hangs on a short chain under the pergola. The bromeliad perched on prongs welded to the base at the center is Aechmea recurvata ‘Aztec Gold,’ its roots mossed up in soil and tied with string. The orb is just as stunning left empty, lit with a candle, filled with tillandsias, draped in Spanish moss, etc., etc. It is so typical of Reuben’s restless, playful creativity to source objects that can take on a number of guises and functions.

 photo P1011992.jpg

(Thank you again for your big-hearted generosity, Reuben.)

5 thoughts on “a gift from Rancho Reubidoux

  1. M&G, I’m finding more and more a bromeliad is always “just the right plant.”
    Kris, some people collect shoes…for me there’s nothing better than something new to play with in the garden.

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