Alstroemeria ‘Rock & Roll’ (consider yourself warned)

A mind-numbing, eye-hemorrhaging, variegated alstroemeria has been unleashed at Southern California nurseries this spring.
I reached for the camera phone when I saw big displays at two nurseries over the weekend.
Alstroemeria ‘Rock & Roll.’
The tag predicts that it will be “Sure to attract attention.”
Ya think?

 photo IMG_0699.jpg

But I suppose if we can’t grow those crazy, high-contrast hostas, why not a variegated alstroemeria? This one needs a frost-free winter to be happy; otherwise, container culture only.

 photo IMG_0701.jpg

It’s not like I’m immune to the charms of the variegated. Alstroemeria psittacina spent some time in my garden in years past.

 photo IMG_0703.jpg

Introduced by Tesselaar International of Victoria, Australia, in 2011, for sale at local nurseries under Monrovia’s label.

If you dare…

5 thoughts on “Alstroemeria ‘Rock & Roll’ (consider yourself warned)

  1. Loree, I’m thinking this one will be a hit at garden shows, not that I’ve been to any yet this year…

  2. I did, and because it does look like a Hosta. Praying daily it never ever blooms. Wait–cut flowers! Okay, I can stop praying now.

  3. Hoov, you didn’t! What a personality test this plant will be. I would have never guessed you’d fall for it.

  4. I was out looking at it again. It’s the massed display, not the plant. One amidst green-foliaged plants is a hosta-like spot of cheer and texture. No, really!

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