rhipsalis in the Bay Area

I was up in the Bay Area for two days, helping to launch a vegetable garden, which was just enough time to squeeze in a couple brief plant shopping forays at Flora Grubb Gardens and Annie’s Annuals & Perennials. At both nurseries I found rhipsalis, that filmy epiphytic cactus that was born to spill from hanging pots under my shady pergola. Unknowingly, I bought Rhipsalis burchellii from both nurseries, which is fine with me since rhipsalis has been generally not easy to find.

Rhipsalis burchelli photo P1014712.jpg

Rhipsalis burchellii

 photo P1014729.jpg

Both burchelliis were planted into this low bowl to bulk up to a substantial, hangable size.

 photo P1014727.jpg

Flora Grubb’s also had a rhipsalis with a slightly chunkier leaf, Rhipsalis sulcata, bottom rung on the left.
Top rung, on the right, Colocasia esculenta ‘Lime Fizzy’ was found at Flora Grubb’s. Stumbling on desirable plants in small, inexpensive sizes is my kind of plant lottery.
Bottom rung, on the right, Sedum x adolphii ‘Golden Sedum’ was from Annie’s. There was an aureate, pulsating glow emanating from the table holding pots of this succulent.
Another lime-green/gold succulent, top rung on the left, Sedum treleasi, was also found at Annie’s, and about a half dozen other things I’ve been planting all morning.
More soon on them, but just wanted to give a head’s up on the rhipsalis.

(get ’em while they’re hot)

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4 Responses to rhipsalis in the Bay Area

  1. ks says:

    Well, what if we were at Annies the same day ? (Saturday AM here)

  2. Denise says:

    @Kathy, AAP was a mob scene! I was there in the afternoon, around 2 p.m., last stop before driving back to LA.
    @Hoov, I haven’t had much luck finding rhipsalis local. Maybe at the big succulent shows later this summer.

  3. David Feix says:

    Some nice scores! Interesting you were up here while I was down south, (but not as far south as Long Beach). I’ve been collecting Rhipsalis for years, so easy to grow as long as they don’t freeze, but hard to i.d. properly. Altmans often sells unlabeled Rhipsalis, and supplies Home Depots.

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