a long weekend (and a local plant sale)

Name me three other words in the English language that can be strung together to produce as exciting an effect as A…Long…Weekend.

 photo P1015847.jpg

The pergola table will have to be cleared for weekend breakfasts and dinners. (I never seem to eat lunch anymore.)

 photo P1015644.jpg

Anticipating a long weekend, there seems time enough for anything. Maybe I’ll embroider a pillow (or learn how…)

 photo P1015643.jpg

Or weave garden detritus into a perfect sphere

 photo P1015680.jpg

Here’s another example of three of the most exciting words in the English language: Local…Plant…Sale.

Dustin, the mad plant propagator, is having one on June 14th. The poor man just can’t control himself, and now he’s converted the entire back garden into a plant nursery. If I give him a small bromeliad pup, the next time I see him he’s got ten more of the same. I blame the British; the training in propagation at Wisley and Great Dixter must have been brutally efficient, because he just can’t stop. It really is as much an intervention as a sale; see his garden and then help him clear some room for more garden and/or future plant nursery. Either way, we all benefit. I’ve lost a sonchus so will be on the prowl for another one.

 photo P1015689.jpg

Giant container in Dustin Gimbel’s garden, where the plants mercilessly use him as an agent to increase their numbers.

 photo P1015683.jpg

More news to come. For now, circle and star the 14th of June. And enjoy every minute of your long weekend.

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3 Responses to a long weekend (and a local plant sale)

  1. Ha ha, I like your characterization of the plant-sale-as-intervention. And there’s no doubt that the Botany of Desire comes into play the way plants hold us in thrall. Have a lovely, long weekend, Denise!

  2. Have fun at the “sale”…and since I lost a sonchus too of you happen to find a pocket sized one perfect for travel to Portland in July I would be eternally grateful and send a check to cover the cost immediately!

  3. Denise says:

    @Jane, there’s barely room to stand anymore in the back garden. It’s literally covered in beautiful plants.
    @Loree, I’ll keep an eye out for said sonchus!

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