large pot with shrub and succulents

I didn’t leave the house Sunday, so wandered the back garden this morning in search of something newsworthy to report.
This large container seems to be coming along nicely. Just recently it was rim-rolled into the back garden again to act as a cache pot for a Corokia virgata ‘Sunsplash’ and some fish-hook senecio.

(Rim-roll: Tilt the pot on edge, grab the rim like an oil roughneck grappling with a big valve, and spin it round and round.
Then gently guide the pot as it gains momentum until it practically twirls itself to the desired destination.

 photo P1012767-1.jpg

A stack of bricks was used to elevate the inner pot of corokia and senecio flush with the rim.
A jade plant just coming into bloom and winter-fat green aeoniums have found their way here too.
All of these plants suffered varying degrees of neglect throughout summer, some coming perilously close to death, but they always recover in fall/winter, growing plump and juicy again.
In the case of the jade plant at least, my neglect coincides nicely with its cultural preferences of summer dry/winter wet.

 photo C26T2625-1.jpg

Oh, the many lives of large, empty vessels. They can gurgle as fountains, as this one did in the back garden for many years (photo taken in 2009 by MB Maher).
Or they can remain empty, looking all monolithically solemn and imposing. But I consistently fail at leaving any container empty for long.

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3 Responses to large pot with shrub and succulents

  1. Kris P says:

    Nice to have a name for the technique I also employ to move large pots (at least when a husband with a hand cart is unavailable). Do you have advice for keeping the Corokia happy? I added the same cultivar to my new front garden but have no prior experience growing it.

  2. You’re magic. How is it I was just there in your garden yet you show a vignette that looks completely new to me?

  3. Denise says:

    @Kris, doesn’t the rim-roll get the job done? Of course, the hand cart is the sensible way to go. This corokia is unkillable. There’s one in the front gravel garden that I trained into a standard so I could grow succulents at its base, and it shot up into a small tree, maybe 10 feet high…and then I decided the jacarandas were tree enough out there so cut the corokia to the ground…and it’s resprouting again. Really good evergreen, esp. in this cultivar Sunsplash to brighten things up. Yours should be fine, in the ground or a container.
    @Loree, maybe the Bohemia and my nonstop talking has something to do with it?

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