Occasional Daily Weather Report 1/2/15

The thrumming of little portable heaters has been the constant background noise here at home in these brand-new days of the new year. A post-holiday chest cold has descended on the entire household, which has left me fit for nothing but shuffling around the garden in between extended bouts on the couch, getting up only to make more tea. The recent rains have brought on a wealth of germination, with new self-sown seedlings turning up every day to inspect and identify as friend or foe. The self-sown poppies are already small plants. A new book is the perfect companion when home sick, and I’ve had this Christmas present, Vintage Industrial, at my side quite a bit, relieved to discover lots of in-depth history amongst the beautiful photos. Temps the past couple nights made a rare and alarming descent into the mid 30s, setting a record at Los Angeles International Airport on January 1, 2015, of 36 degrees. (Please stop snickering, because that passes for cold in January in Los Angeles.)

But thankfully that’s not low enough to cause any real trouble in the garden.

 photo P1012875.jpg

The hybrid Aeonium ‘Cyclops,’ for example, is hardy down to 25 degreees.

 photo P1012792.jpg

The cold does a nice job of inducing even more ruffling of the leaves

 photo P1012780.jpg

Unlabeled, but what looks like Aloe capitata in bloom at the base of the potted aeonium.

 photo P1012845.jpg

Bromeliads and potted succulents unphased by temps in the mid 30s.

 photo P1012746.jpg

More warmth in the orangey overlay to newly acquired Aloe elgonica

 photo P1012873.jpg

Last photo before I return to the kitchen to warm the kettle again. Some bright winter color on the paler version of the pork and beans plant, Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Aurora’

Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year!

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7 Responses to Occasional Daily Weather Report 1/2/15

  1. Alison says:

    And a happy, healthy New Year to you too! No snickering here.

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation, it looks like a good one.

    Any cold that is abnormal is not good for the garden, glad you’ve not seen any damage. Now get well! (and happy new year to you and yours)

  3. Kris P says:

    Happy new year Denise! I hope you recover quickly – it’s no fun to spend a holiday break feeling punk. Our heater has been running continuously as well and, despite the blue skies, I’ve steered clear of my own garden because of the cold. I’ve been joking with friends about “thin blood” but, in reading up on the subject, it appears that the reaction to cold has more to do with circulation and perception based on local norms. Whatever – I’m still looking forward to the return of 70-degree temperatures next week.

  4. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! Sorry about your cold temps – 36 is alarming for your area and plants but it’s good to know that your plants are o.k. Happy and healthy new year to you too, my friend.

  5. Liza says:

    Your plants are so pretty! I hope everyone feels better soon.

  6. Hoov says:

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather–feel better soon.

  7. How I hate colds–both kind. I hope you’ll be over yours soon.

    Your ‘Cyclops’ looks great. Much to my chagrin I noticed yesterday that mine is elongating, i.e. getting to bloom. It’ll be toast then.

    Funny you showed your newly acquired Aloe egonica. I just bought one myself, at a Lowe’s in Phoenix of all places, on my way home to Northern California.

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