Claire Basler’s flowers

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In an office yesterday was a Japanese four-panel painting on wood of chrysanthemums, goldenrod and wisps of flowering miscanthus.
The stark white of the mums popped against the tawny background, but the panels’ overall effect was of a soothing, subtle glow with quiet movement etched onto its surface.
Any business to be conducted in that office would not be disrupted by this lovely but soft-spoken art.
Which got me thinking about the current state of flowers pictorially.

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Are artists still interested in glorious, full-throated renderings of flowers?
Or have we been done in by the sentimental, genteel approach, like chintz wallpaper, or overly stylized graphic design musings?

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By providing those twin stark contrasts, you can tell I’m not really au courant with the subject.
But I do know when I first came across French artist Claire Basler’s large scale flower paintings they held that proverbial shock of the new for me.
See for yourself.

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Claire Basler

8 thoughts on “Claire Basler’s flowers

  1. Beautiful work. I like it very much. To have rooms like those of Chateau Beauvoir–wow. Thanks for the find!

  2. That wide shot of the studio got to me, so I checked out her site. So much to love there, such drama! So many paintings too — thanks for sharing!

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