I think I can grow these

 photo plant-1.jpg

 photo plant-7.jpg

 photo plant-6.jpg

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 photo gallery_plant_134.jpg

 photo gallery_plant_174.jpg

 photo gallery_plant_444.jpg

 photo gallery_plant_177.jpg

 photo gallery_plant_157.jpg

 photo realization_241.jpg

 photo realization_244.jpg

Not sure what goes with your new AstroTurf lawn?
Since 2004 Czech artist Veronika Richterova’s has cultivated a playful love affair with repurposing polyethylene teraphthalate (PET)

Since 2004 she has devoted herself systematically to serious artistic work with PET bottles. The easily malleable PET has surprisingly proved to be an excellent material for fulfilling her artistic intentions. For this offshoot of her artistic aspirations she has chosen the designation PET-ART…[Her] aim is to capture the fundamental principle of the human desire for creative recycling. And it is not in the least important whether the work in question is purely functional, or is simply a decorative object… .”

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3 Responses to I think I can grow these

  1. Pam/Digging says:

    At first glance I wasn’t sure I liked them. But now I’m kind of smitten. She’s really captured the growth habit of these plants – in plastic!

  2. Really quite brilliant in my opinion. I love the organic shapes she was able to create using production line materials.

  3. Wow, this is a very original idea with plastic plants. It looks pretty impressive.

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