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The parents’ exasperation with our indoor hijinks always crescendoed in a bellow of “take it outside!” whereupon we would bang through the screendoor and tumble out into the womb-like, cul-de-sac’d streets of our Los Angeles suburb, joining up with the army of lost boys (and girls) riding skateboards, building forts and blazing trails in the tall grass of early summer in the nearby fields. And we could pretty much take it outside year-round. But still this week’s news in The Washington Post was slightly disorienting. The town I’m living in now, Long Beach, Calif., just a few miles from where I grew up further inland, topped the list of “What cities have the most nice days in America?” Using the criteria of “moderately warm temperatures, at least partial sunshine, a light breeze, low humidity and no precipitation,” Long Beach came in at number one with the “most nice days per year” of 210. We even beat San Diego! So it does feel a bit churlish to confess that summer this year feels like a season in hell. The tops of my feet look like they’re afflicted with small pox, courtesy of summer’s new pest, Aedes aegypti, a day-feeding mosquito infamous for carrying the Zika virus in more southern countries. Which makes Burt’s Bees Insect Repellant the new summer essential. (A neighbor has on order the Bandito, a wristband that emits scents and sounds that purportedly annoy the hell out of mosquitoes.) And as every summer arrives determined to be the champ that wins the all-time heat record, it all becomes a bit much for a beachside community of old bungalows, mostly lacking in air conditioning like ours. And, infuriatingly, the dangerous brinksmanship of climate change denial still rules the land. GOTV. But I hope you’re having a fabulous summer! Because heat and bugs aside, I’m still taking it outside, still in love with summer.

 photo 1U6A4379.jpg

When Mitch told me the story of the dinner party he held in a suffocatingly hot little Spanish Revival in Long Beach lacking in air conditioning and plagued by dumpster flies from the surrounding multi-unit apartments, I just had to pry the photos loose from him to share a summer evening that was pure tragicomic gold. Here’s the intrepid bunch who good-naturedly put up with it all. On the far right in crisp and cool blue is chef Daniel Perlof of Rhyme & Reason Catering, nattily equipped with portable grill. There was no way he was cooking in the non-AC’d kitchen with muggy temps straddling the high 90s.

 photo 1U6A2323.jpg

Mitch, left, has worked with Lisa Gutierrerz-Martinez of Lark Artisan Market for years, photographing (and sampling) her roving dinner parties known as Larks. The next one is August 17 at Cleobella in Sunset Beach, linked above.

 photo 1U6A4401.jpg

This dinner wasn’t technically a bonafide Lark, just a small group of friends trying out a new menu. And testing their limits for less-than-optimal outdoor dining conditions. No flies were air-brushed out of these photos, but I’m told there were plenty, as in biblical proportions. Mitch was chatting with Jason Witzl, the owner of the new and excellent Ellie’s (“best grown-up food in LBC” according to Mitch) about his dinner party fly problem, and Jason swears it’s the nearby kelp beds that are to blame for the flies. His solution? The Bug-A-Salt. A spray of table salt zaps them dead. Just undersalt the food a bit, he joked. I can easily imagine dinner party guests arguing over who gets to be in charge of the Bug-A-Salt. Weird times call for weird solutions, I suppose.

 photo 1U6A4050.jpg

Guests came sensibly prepared to change into something cooler.

 photo 1U6A4055.jpg

Chef Daniel manned the grill.

 photo 1U6A3937.jpg

 photo 1U6A4136.jpg

Applying the mint/basil/walnut/garlic/lemon pesto.

 photo 1U6A4143.jpg

 photo 1U6A4175.jpg

 photo 1U6A4351.jpg

While food was prepped, the guests tried their best to stay cool.

 photo 1U6A3982.jpg

I sampled the artichokes later. I could have eaten a dozen.

 photo 1U6A3881.jpg

Rome With A View was the cocktail du jour, chosen because “all the bitter Italian vermouth-based drinks are low octane,” and are thus perfect for a big thirst on a hot night, says Mitch.

 photo 1U6A4282.jpg

 photo 1U6A4252.jpg

 photo 1U6A4320.jpg

All of which proves that summer is messy and hot and epic, and patios and gardens are worth their weight in gold, flies or no flies.

 photo 1U6A4239.jpg

And a portable grill can be a life-saver.

 photo 1U6A3986.jpg

And there’s nothing that a plate of artichokes won’t put right.

Have a great weekend.

photos by MB Maher

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6 Responses to take it outside

  1. Kris P says:

    A day-feeding mosquito – yikes! I haven’t suited up with my Off clip-on fan yet this year (although I could’ve used it during the nuclear heatwave in early July when I was delivering emergency irrigation at 10pm). However, I haven’t attended any evening picnics or parties either. It looks like fun – and well worth a bit of discomfort.

  2. Peter says:

    Everything looks delicious! Daniel is obviously very talented if he can create such a sumptuous feast on a portable grill! Looks like, despite the heat and flies, everyone had a grand time. No mosquito bites at all in my garden. Although I see larvae in standing water, the birds and bats must be eating them all.

  3. Jane Strong says:

    What fun! Enjoyed this post immensely. Were the artichokes precooked before putting them on the grill? Those darn mosquitoes. They bite me around the ankles in the morning. I can’t hear them buzz like the other kind and therefore can’t slap them in time. I’ll always choose Long Beach any day over San Diego. Went to Cherry Beach as a kid. Long Beach is like a grand old lady.

  4. hb says:

    The guy with a lampshade on his head sure did find himself a cool shirt.

    One reason I have been so fanatic about filling my garden with hummingbird-attracting plants is that when hummers are not sipping nectar, they are snacking on mosquitoes. Great excuse to add another Aloe.

  5. David Feix says:

    I find it amusing to hear coastal Californians complain so much about outdoor conditions. Y’all need to suck it up! And the photos don’t look like anyone was suffering all that badly. My complaint here in Berkeley? Hardly ever warm enough in the evenings to really want to be outside after sunset. So I only invite folks over for brunch…

    And indoor fans are a perfect solution to the heat and much more p.c. than air conditioners

  6. Denise says:

    @Kris, as Jane says, this day-feeding skeeter has amazing stealth capabilities — you rarely see them land, just the itchy welts left behind.
    @Peter, we’ve never had these skeeters before, and now the locals are all comparing notes on coping strategies.
    @Jane, yes the chokes are parboiled for approx 45 minutes — cut them in half first and scoop out the thistly parts before parboiling. You’re so right about these new ninja skeeters!
    @Hoov, we don’t have the night-time skeeters, just this new guy. First summer for everything, I guess.
    @Believe me, David, we are sucking it up! This is the first day under 90 today, and the humidity has increased too. Night-time temperatures have increased. You Bay Area types would melt! 😉

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