autumn light in the Berkeley Hills

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Mitch was up in the Berkeley Hills over the weekend, which were suitably bathed in the golden light of autumn.  Knowing how much I love eavesdropping on gardens, he grabbed some quick, discreet photos of his rambles.   (I’m sharing them here, because I know you love eavesdropping on gardens as much as I do.)  Intentionally or not, his camera also picked up small, subtle gestures that pay tribute to the seasonal shift, California-style.

 photo i-fL7GgdR-X3.jpg
a pumpkin on a pedestal in what may possibly be Roger Raiche’s former garden — at least that’s what Mitch thinks
 photo i-nhT7sfH-X3.jpg
Fall- and winter-blooming aloes stirring into bloom
 photo i-mNj29hK-X3.jpg
golden light, blue succulents
 photo i-4ZPRBSt-X3.jpg
Knifeleaf acacia
 photo i-KkkT33R-X2.jpg
absorbing multi-sided shadowplay from a totem of square shapes
 photo i-WFB9QF4-X3.jpg
a quintessential Berkeley garden gate

Only two more weeks to go until Halloween, and our neighborhood is in a frenzy of decorating — not so much at our house. But now I’m thinking a pumpkin on a pedestal for the front garden might be a nice touch in honor of the season…

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5 Responses to autumn light in the Berkeley Hills

  1. Kris P says:

    I always enjoy glimpses into other people’s gardens. I’ve pulled back on my own local rambles as paranoia about unknown (scary!) people taking photos has become a periodic topic on the neighborhood social media site. I’m tempted to add a pumpkin or two to my own garden but then under renovation the house already looks a little like something from a horror movie.

  2. Beautiful gardens, beautiful light, beautiful photos. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

  3. Elaine says:

    I love the third photo of the aloe. It picks up the whole range of leaf colours from turquoise to lavender. Beautiful photos showing the gentler side of Fall.

  4. Amelia C. says:

    I always associate autumn with pumpkins. It it a perfect time for carving them and decorating the house. I always grow a few pumpkins on my own, smaller ones for decoration and bigger ones for carving and cake. Do you like pumpkin cake? This year I have grown pumpkin from this site and it looks amazing. I am going to make it look more scary for halloween! My son loves playing with it!

  5. ks says:

    Such a treasure-trove of gardens in the Berkeley hills-that great east bay climate where so much can be grown. Lovely atmospheric photos by Mitch .

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