Award-Winning Los Gatos Project

Jarrod R. Baumann of Zeterre Landscape Architecture designed this Los Gatos residential landscape with Jim Everett of Evland LLC as his lead contractor. Earlier this week it was announced that for his work as lead contractor on this project, Mr. Everett has won the Stuart J. Sperber Sweepstakes Award for 2010. That means that the project was judged best landscape installation for all projects, commercial and residential, for the entire state.

Congratulations to Jim Everett for the well-deserved award. And a quick peek of the project, which will no doubt be the centerfold of magazines in the coming months.

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3 Responses to Award-Winning Los Gatos Project

  1. Ryan Miller says:

    so many good ideas in that video. I especially like the sort of beehive shaped water feature and curving rock walls along the roadway.

    My grandparents lived in Los Gatos on a beautiful hillside lot, although the style is completely different, it still brings me back to memories of their garden. thank you

  2. Denise says:

    Ryan, though the rough-cut video doesn’t show a lot, this is also a very hilly, terraced property. Sounds like some very nice memories you have.

  3. hoover boo says:

    Wow that is gorgeous. I look forward to those magazine articles to see more of this beautiful property. The curved walls coming off the slope at the front (?) of the lot are fabulous, and probably cost beaucoup bucks.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

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