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at the Inter-City CSSA Show August 2016

The funny thing about hard-core succulent shows is there’s often non-succulent treasures on the sales tables too.

 photo 1-P1013206.jpg

On arrival, I made a quick circuit around the tables and immediately became fixated on these decidedly non-succulent leaves.

 photo 1-P1013194.jpg

And the mottling on these stems. No name tag, no price.

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San Gabriel Valley CSS Show & Sale

I treated myself yesterday to San Gabriel Valley’s Cactus & Succulent Society‘s show and sale at the Los Angeles Arboretum.
I bought no plants this time, just circled the show tables over and over, sometimes because the show plant was that engrossing and other times just to get a shot after the crowd parted.
At the sales tables I did a quick phone search on Aloe castilloniae, which seemed to be everywhere for sale, the species and some hybrids. There’s not a lot of info available on it.
(Here’s an entry with a good photo I didn’t catch on my phone: Aloe castilloniae)

 photo 1-P1019326.jpg

This Aloe melanacantha with a flower bud was the first show plant to stop me in my tracks.

 photo 1-P1019270.jpg

 photo 1-P1019343.jpg

I always find the boophanes so expressive. I really need to repot mine to elevate the bulb.

Urginea maritima Sea Squill photo 1-P1019300.jpg

Urginea maritima, the gigantic Sea Squill in a tiny pot. Who knew?

 photo 1-P1019317.jpg

I didn’t always snap the names of the cacti. In the past I’ve been known to rush by these tables but am starting to find them so absorbing visually.
It can bring quite the endorphin release to stand before a beautifully grown cactus such as this.

 photo 1-P1019342.jpg

 photo 1-P1019335.jpg

 photo 1-P1019333.jpg

 photo 1-P1019336.jpg

astrophytum capricorne var. niveum photo 1-P1019329.jpg

I had to check the name on this wild thing: Astrophytum capricorne var. niveum

 photo 1-P1019323.jpg

From the melocactus table

 photo 1-P1019339.jpg

I’m on firmer ground with the agaves. Agave ‘Snow Glow’

xylonacantha 'Frostbite' photo 1-P1019304.jpg

Agave xylonacantha ‘Frost Bite’

 photo 1-P1019327.jpg

And so ends the plant show and sale season of 2015. Thanks to all who’ve shared their beautiful obsessions.