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back at the ranch

All day long this past work- and appointment-filled Wednesday I clung to the idea of fitting in a short visit to Rancho Los Alamitos. I’d heard there were some changes with the barns, and there was a new foal, all … Continue reading

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Fried Cannoli & The Banyan Tree

My aunts and cousins called my mom, who called me. Our bakery was back in business after what turned out to be just a brief hiatus of a couple years. The owner decided early retirement was not the answer, reopened … Continue reading

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Moreton Bay Fig

Original banner to the blog, Ficus macrophylla, a tree with gravitas to spare, planted in the 1880s at Rancho Los Alamitos, Long Beach, California. Oh, to have the land to accommodate such a giant! (Oh, to have a rancho…and a … Continue reading

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