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in a hothouse

Or a greenhouse, hoop house. Located on Long Island, NY, visited in June 2013.
What I remember most was the all-engulfing moistness of the environment. Evapotranspiration so intense as to make one giddy.
Which is undoubtedly why I lingered for a very long time, to take photos of familiar plants grown so beautifully as summer bedding in that heated greenhouse on Long Island.
Moving slowly between the growing benches, I drifted into reveries of shopping for the summer home in Montauk, to fill the conservatory with lush hanging baskets.
Another life, another garden (another bank account). Would I leave my sunny, arid home for a Gatsbyesque estate with plentiful summer rainfall?
These are the questions that arise when visiting a Long Island hothouse on a lovely day in June. (It’s good to be home.)
Except for the begonias, it wasn’t a botanically palpitating experience.
To me begonias are still the boss for summer containers, light on water, arresting in leaf. I need to find a Begonia luxurians again pronto.
(No need for winter protection here in zone 10. I stack my potted begonias under dry eaves for the winter.)
But it was impressive enough just checking out the growing operations and the boisterous health of well-cared for plants coming out of a winter’s sleep.

Have a great weekend. Maybe visit a local greenhouse?

 photo P1014472-001.jpg

 photo P1014475-001.jpg

 photo P1014455-001.jpg

 photo P1014453-001_1.jpg

 photo P1014420-001.jpg

 photo P1014526-001.jpg

 photo P1014514-001.jpg

 photo P1014510-001.jpg

 photo P1014496-001.jpg

 photo P1014452-001.jpg

 photo P1014468-001.jpg

 photo P1014502-001.jpg

 photo P1014490-001.jpg

 photo P1014480-001.jpg

 photo P1014503-001.jpg

the indomitable Lotusland

 photo 1-_MG_1659.jpg

Following the blue glass slag-lined path on a recent visit to Lotusland in Montecito, Calif.

 photo 1-_MG_1662.jpg

 photo 1-_MG_1677-001.jpg

 photo 1-_MG_1668.jpg

 photo 1-_MG_1678.jpg

We came upon the startling sight of a greenhouse in the jungle.
Not startling in the expected, operatically flamboyant Lotusland sense, but because it was relatively humble, almost modestly functional.

 photo 1-_MG_1665.jpg

The docent made no mention of the greenhouse, and we dutifully shuffled past it at our 2-hour tour pace.

 photo 1-_MG_1663.jpg

Even so, I lingered here a bit longer, until the sounds of the docent’s practiced narration disappeared around a bend in the sparkling path.
A greenhouse is a potent and evocative structure. It’s where the magic begins.
And the intensely personal quality of a greenhouse, nurturing the seeds of garden dreams, might be why I felt such pathos here.

 photo 1-_MG_1680.jpg

Oh, yes, Mme Walska, even after all these years, your garden still casts a powerful spell.

Rolling Greens opens in Orange County

I’m so very glad that owner Greg Salmeri and creative director Angela Hicks have opened another location where they can express their unique “global nomad” outlook on indoor/outdoor rooms and gardens, bringing the total to three locations in Southern California: The original Rolling Greens Culver City location, the second location on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood, and now Costa Mesa in Orange County, which just might be the easiest one for me to visit. Each location is different enough from the others to merit visiting all three. The new Costa Mesa location continues the global nomad theme but with the accent heavy on French influences.

A salvaged French greenhouse displays indoor plants.



Maybe it’s the latent dry goods grocer in me, but I’ve always found neatly stacked displays of hand-made goods and curios utterly compelling. Rolling Greens excels at stirring up primal dry goods lust with its wonderful, award-winning displays on salvaged cabinets and trunks.



The last time I saw tablecloth linens by Garnier Thiebaut was at the Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville in Paris. I brought stacks of Garnier Thiebaut dish towels home from Paris as gifts — lightweight, easy to pack, beautiful, durable fabric. Nice to see them again at Rolling Greens.


Each new location seems to move more in the direction of garden-inspired home furnishings. I did ask and was told that the Costa Mesa location intends to sell outdoor plants as well. They just hadn’t arrived yet. Although open for business, the official grand opening will take place September 15th, when the Arrangement Bar will be waiting to help customers unleash their botanical creativity.


Lamps I covet hanging over the Arrangement Bar, which will also hold future workshops. All fixtures are for sale.


More lamps to covet.






This sputnik of a plant stand was a real charmer


Terrariums and tillandsia orbs

What I didn’t get photos of was their wide selection of containers, silk flowers and plants.
Even though I asked permission first, I was still slightly embarrassed at the number of photos I was taking.





The very kind sales staff handed me a post card listing special events at the Grand Opening on Saturday, September 15, 2012.


Special Events to include:
fresh flower mart and custom bouquets
custom terrariums and succulent arrangements
learn+grow terrarium workshop (RSVP)*
gourmet tasting with Sasha Hagenlock

*RSVP to events@rg-ca.com
Rolling Greens Costa Mesa is located at 3315-A Hyland Avenue at South Coast Collection. (714) 444-4425