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making the most of it

Emotionally, this summer feels like summers when I was 12 or 13 — when I stuck close to home because I wasn’t allowed yet to get in trouble with friends with cars. I’m regressing to the point that I’ve even … Continue reading

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monday clippings 4/30/18

Have you checked on your dudleyas lately? (“Stolen succulents: California hipster plants at center of smuggling crisis; Demand in China and Korea has led to thousands of dudleya being stolen from California as officials lament ‘plant poaching.”) Lots of pruning … Continue reading

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When a friend of Mitch’s moved into new digs last week, he thought he’d warm up the empty place for her first night there (completely unbeknownst to her). So he grabbed anything to hand, which happened to be some of … Continue reading

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ranunculus now

The ranunculus lovers among us are often encouraged to try growing them ourselves. And in Southern California, it’s totally do-able, especially if you have a dedicated cutting garden and can treat them as ephemerals, like tulips. Ranuncs love our sunny, … Continue reading

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to the kids, with love

Remember this photo from a few posts ago? The “east wing” was getting readied for my son Duncan’s engagement party. Add lights, paper lanterns, friends, family and cake, and voila! Duncan and Kristy’s engagement party last Sunday. A trip to … Continue reading

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discovering The Potting Shed on a Lark at Sourced Collective

There’s retail that does vintage and architectural finds well, and there’s retail that does plants well. Haven’t you wished somebody with a passion for both would combine them under one roof? I know I have. Consider it handled by The … Continue reading

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Bloom Day May 2017 (and assorted garden projects)

Photo taken last night, when I still hoped I could squeak this post in under the Bloom Day deadline, the 15th of every month, and be righteously on time, but it was not to be. Flash of red is from … Continue reading

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eat your dahlias

I’m halfway convinced to fill my vegetable garden this summer with dahlias. Beans and tomatoes were an epic fail last summer, and though zucchini were OK, I can find them cheap and local. But these beauties, however, will never be … Continue reading

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In a Vase on Monday, (courtesy of the OG)

Peter/Outlaw Gardener, that indefatigable daily blogger and all-around nice guy, raffled off some vases recently. (And look who’s a winner!) I found this fat little echeveria in the front garden and unceremoniously pulled him up by the roots to welcome … Continue reading

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cutflowers of summer

Dahlia coccinea ‘Orange,’ Mendocino Botanical Garden Thank goodness there’s not a crazy nativist strain complicating appreciation of summer’s most colorful annuals. The only walls associated with these summer beauties might be the ones surrounding your cutting garden (you lucky devil!) … Continue reading

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