Temperatures to Chill a Damselfly

The damselfly holding on tight, waiting for the morning sun to reinvent stained glass with its wings.


Seems like every pool of sunshine is spoken for these days. Cats are the undisputed champs at this, swiveling like satellite dishes as they methodically track the winter sun. Not even a true frost, just a couple nights in the high 30’s crisped some leaves on a brugmansia, finally mushed Musa ‘Siam Ruby’s’ leaves for the season, and have made limp most of the leaves on Euphorbia lambii, the tree euphorbia. But chlorophyll is definitely stirring. Tulips are nosing up.


Fresh growth on Salvia cacaliifolia.


Pelargonium echinatum is budding.


Hang on, little damselfly.

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4 Responses to Temperatures to Chill a Damselfly

  1. Nice shot of the damselfly. Tody is euphorbic day. I repotted my cuttings from last year. I read a blog post about a euphorbia that is more or less a tall thin cactus – i had no idea such things existed. Now you have told me about the tree euphorbia. I have always thought of euphorbias as just spurges – now I have to think again. Does the tree euphorbia have irritating sap ?

  2. laguna dirt says:

    love those first signs of life!! so exciting!

  3. Grace says:

    I think there is a consensus. We’re all tired of winter already. Great photos!

  4. Denise says:

    AYIMG, yes, this euphorbia has the typical caustic sap. The euphorbia tribe is huge and various, another book I need!
    LD, we’re almost into spring/February!
    Grace, I have no right to complain, but I hear it’s getting icy up there.

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