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a faithful February friend

The Cactus Geranium, Pelargonium echinatum, has been brightening my February for over a decade. And it just might be one of the most well-documented plants on the blog. This photo from February 12, 2013, is one of many over the … Continue reading

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TBT: Shocking Pink

October seems a little early for the Cactus Geranium to start blooming after its summer dormancy, but it is, which occasions bringing up this old post from January 2011 in its honor. Sometime during the night, the buds of Pelargonium … Continue reading

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Wednesday clippings 1/6/16

One storm down, five more or so to go. For the first time in a long while, the air smells incredibly fresh. January is always the perfect time for the shocking pink blooms on Pelargonium echinatum to arrive. A “Sundiascia” … Continue reading

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Bloom Day February 2015

Bloom Day — you know the drill. (And if you don’t and somehow stumbled here unwittingly, just calm down and see May Dreams Gardens for some helpful background by Carol.) I bought this Banksia ericifolia from a newish nursery in … Continue reading

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Bloom Day September 2014

I think I’m finally getting the hang of this heat wave business. I’m taking a cue from the plants: Hunker down and just wait it out. When I cut the melianthus back, this Gomphostigma virgatum found some needed breathing room. … Continue reading

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Bloom Day June 2014

Bloom Day on Father’s Day? Really? I figured this out about 7 o’clock last night, but by then I was too sun-blasted to muster a post. Marty wanted his day spent at a local Irish fair. Guinness and “trad” music … Continue reading

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Bloom Day March 2014

Typical for March, the reseeding poppies are the biggest showboats in my garden at the moment. Anticipating where and against what backdrop another loopy-necked bloom will open each morning is a huge part of their appeal. Summer-dormant Pelargonium echinatum has … Continue reading

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Occasional Daily Photo 2/12/13

I just potted the Pelargonium echinatum into this chipped Bauer pot inherited from my grandmother. A chipped Bauer pot ceases to be a sacred cow and can definitely mix it up with the other garden pots. Just took me a … Continue reading

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Bloom Day December 2012

The last Bloom Day in 2012 — I’m keeping this one short, but if interested you can use the search function on the blog for more information/photos on any of these. Helleborus argutifolius Perlargonium echinatum Gerbera ‘Drakensberg Carmine’ Senecio medley-woodii, … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

After spending all day Tuesday Monday blowing work deadlines, riveted to Frankenstorm coverage, the safe haven of Wordless Wednesday beckons. After a storm like that, what is there to say? Oh, maybe two more words: stay safe. (This post will … Continue reading

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