March of the Tulips

They are a bit regimental in appearance, aren’t they? I’m not sure I’d want to accentuate that
trait by lining them out with geometric precision in bedding-out schemes. I prefer to see
these little soldiers cavorting with fennel and linaria and Buddleia ‘Silver Anniversary.’

From Tulips’ Progress on the 19th of February:


A little too early for snapshots this morning, the 23rd of February, but here’s the color progression.
I flicked off some aphis from the tulip on the far left and inflicted irreparable damage on the tender petals
with that careless fillip. Oops. Perhaps a small jet of water next time.

But I am glad for the forethought last July to imagine the thrill a couple dozen tulip bulbs would give
seven months later, a display powered by winter rains alone.


And edited 2/28/10 to include the now fully saturated ‘Beauty of Apeldoorn,’ classed as a mid to late hybrid Darwin tulip.
The Moroccan toadflax/linaria in the second photo color-echoes the streaks of magenta now visible in the tulip in full bloom.
What rule dictates spring has to be gentle pastels anyway?


Further edited 3/6/10 for the denouement:


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