Foliage Follow-Up March 2011

Hosted by Pam at Digging, getting things going with a shout-out for a luscious trifecta of agaves on her blog today.

My contribution today is a variety of the Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina domestica ‘Filamentosa,’ the first nandina I’ve ever purchased. (Nandina is a much-abused local landscape shrub.) And I’ve been inclined to think it was a silly purchase, but now I’m not so sure. It’s been bulking up over winter, the filigree leaves coloring and reddening. Also called Thread-Leaf Nandina. Planted under tetrapanax with golden carex and bergenia, with a couple Aster divaricatus included just this spring. All should be tough enough to contend with the tetrapanax. This nandina is slower growing and smaller than the species.


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5 Responses to Foliage Follow-Up March 2011

  1. I recently noticed this Nandina at a local nursery and it had me reconsidering Nandina in my garden. Now that I know you’ve got it…well, maybe I’ll just have to put it on the list.

  2. Pam/Digging says:

    I love the foliage and berries of nandina, but sadly it’s very invasive here in central Texas. I wonder if the threadleaf variety would be? Lucky you to be able to grow both!

  3. That is one of the most beautiful garden photos I have seen so far this year! I love the sharp/fuzzy areas, and all the backlighting… just way cool. 🙂

  4. Les says:

    We used to carry this plant at work, but the people that grew it for us went out of business years ago, and I have not been able to find it.

  5. Denise says:

    Loree, isn’t it hard to get over the nandina bias? This one seemed very intriguing though.
    Pam, that’s something I hadn’t considered. I wonder if this one is sterile.
    Kim, it was so hard to get a photo of this wispy plant, so your comment is especially valued!
    Les, I’d never seen it before, so it’s not widely available out here. I think San Marcos may still grow it.

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