Bloom Day March 2011

Carol at May Dreams Gardens hosts this exciting monthly event, inspired by garden writer Elizabeth Lawrence’s urging that “We can have flowers nearly every month of the year.” Some days are so bleak, it seems astonishing that flowers could bloom at all, but indeed they always do. Some newer things in bloom in my garden here in Southern California, zone 10, a mile from the Pacific Ocean:

Geranium maderense ‘ Alba’ opened its first flowers this Bloom Day morning.

Variegated Solanum rantonnetii, now pruned into a standard, to cram more plants under its skirts. Amazingly long-blooming shrub.

Euphorbia mellifera

Shrublike Impatiens sodenii, flowers so sugary sweet they make my teeth ache. Bit of overkill by Mother Nature.

Anigozanthos, a good winter bloomer, with new blooms still coming for spring

Not in full bloom yet, just this one inflorescence on Echium gentianoides ‘Tajinaste.’ I shouldn’t have moved it a month ago. Oh, well.

Self-sown Nicotiana langsdorffii, seedlings found mostly in dry paving, where I pry them up and plant in the garden.

Ein passing by the poppies near the porch, Papaver setigerum

Thanks again to Carol and all the bloggers participating in this Bloom Day, whose blogs I’ll gratefully read while toggling back and forth between news reports about the crisis in Japan.

Dedicating my Bloom Day post to the good people of Japan.
(Huntington Botanical Gardens, Japanese Garden, photo from HBG site)


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13 Responses to Bloom Day March 2011

  1. Ouch! I had forgotten all about my Euphorbia mellifera (which scummed to the evils of winter) until seeing your gorgeous picture. And speaking of gorgeous that Geranium shot at the beginning is a stunner too. On a personal note I am having a hard time figuring out how to pay my respects to the horrors that the good people of Japan are facing, I appreciate those of you that are doing it so gracefully and giving us all a reminder as we celebrate blooms this March.

  2. Grace says:

    Love your photos, Denise. The geranium–ooh, la, la. And I love that Nicotiana. Beautiful dedication to the gentle people of Japan.

  3. hoover says:

    As always, gorgeous. Of course Ein is the most beautiful “flower” of all.

  4. hoover says:

    Oops, forgot to add–will the ‘Alba’ produce ‘Alba’ seedlings?

  5. That Nicotiana is so unusual looking. And the blue echium flower is gorgeous!

    Thank you for your dedication to the people of Japan: I’m reminded we live each day in a state of grace.

  6. Denise says:

    Loree, I’m sorry to hear you lost your mellifera. I’m glad you didn’t mind my “topical” reference today. You’re right, it is so hard to find the words to address such a catastrophe.
    Grace, thank you! Looking forward to another letter from you soon, I hope.
    Hoov, I’m pretty sure this seed strain has a high chance of coming up true. I’ll definitely be saving some.
    Jane, I’m smitten with nicotiana, very cool plants. Thank you for “gracing” my blog today.

  7. lagunadirt says:

    i have absolutely nothing to add, but thank you for those beautiful blooms!

  8. Do you have the G. m. ‘Alba’ and the straight G. maderense? Would be great to collect seeds if you only have have ‘Alba’ they would come true. Very nice. My pink ones are about to explode.

  9. Denise says:

    Only the alba here, Dustin. Seed should come true. Which reminds me, I might need your propagating advice for some seed I ordered from Derry Watkins, especially the Eryngium pandanifolium ‘Physic Purple,’ which I don’t want to screw up.

  10. RBell says:

    Really like the colors on that Anigozanthos; and the entire pot collection beyond looks like its full of color too.

  11. Town Mouse says:

    Thanks for sharing your many blooms. That photo of the geranium is just lovely. Happy bloom day!

  12. dorothy says:

    It’s nice to see all the bloomers in your southern California garden! I like the variegated solanum. I haven’t seen it before. I’ll have to keep a look out for it at the local nurseries!
    Thanks for sharing your photos!

  13. Larry says:

    This is a lovely post and the last photo from the Huntington Botannical Garden is spectacular! The solanum is exquisite… I’ve enjoyed my visit! Larry

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