Do It In The Garden

The couch was occupied by a lower back temporarily refusing to face another day, so the person attached to the lower back had on the TV to ease the situation.
(Not my lower back, still capable of a good dig this spring.)
Playing on the TV was the movie from which I’m paraphrasing, Scorcese’s Mean Streets:
You don’t make up for your sins in church. You do it in the garden…The rest is bullshit and you know it.
(The movie where I fell in love with Harvey Keitel while the whole world fell in love with DeNiro.)

Segue to Geranium maderense ‘Alba,’ still standing after enduring 50 mph winds in last weekend’s storm.




Off to the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show for a couple days.

Very murky opening sequence to Mean Streets.

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5 Responses to Do It In The Garden

  1. laguna dirt says:

    i fell for harvey in “the piano.” LOVE that quote! might have to steal it one of these days. again, and i’m kind of getting tired of saying this, your photos are gorgeous!!

  2. Scott says:

    Beautiful photos…love how the light catches all the hairs on them…makes them just glow!

  3. Oh ya…I’ll be using that quote for sure. Glad to hear you’re going to the show, jealous of course but happy to think you might have a report coming up in future posts….

  4. carri says:

    Beautiful pics! Have fun at SFGS!

  5. hoover says:

    Oooh, garden show, fun! Enjoy!

    They are quite lovely in white, those flowers. My ordinary purple ones are not so ethereal.

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