Plant Show Weekend/Weakened

I vaguely remember promising not to post any more photos of tulips, so in my weakened state I’m violating that oath with one more photo of tulips ‘Queen of the Night,’ taken just before heading north for the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. The tulips have no doubt been flattened by the serial storms which have been queuing up offshore like circus elephants all week. Good thing I brought wellies on this trip, because it’s been nothing but squelchy ground underfoot. Could it be this inveterate traveler is slightly homesick? Sitting in a little kitchenette motel in San Francisco nursing an Anchor Steam, grey and drizzly outside, a car brimming with plants, including the legendary Mathiasella bupleuroides, (what fabulous good luck to stumble into this one, a propagator’s nightmare, found at The Dry Garden in North Oakland), and some rusted bits salvaged from Building REsources, I’m ready to swing homeward and plant, shuffle pots, shuffle photos, and write a bit about what I’ve seen. What a homebody I’ve turned into. Funny how that happens every spring.


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2 Responses to Plant Show Weekend/Weakened

  1. Kathy says:

    And such strength of character to put back plants in the shopping box ! I went out and threw snails against the fence this afternoon in our 2 hour non-rain window. Love those QON’s ..Glad you got to visit the fountainhead of the Hortisexuals, though I suspect it was not in fact dry !

  2. Denise says:

    Kathy, yes, I did put back plants! I’d forgotten about that. Wonderful catching up with you at the show and hoping to see you again sometime this year.

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