Three-Quarters Full

Day job intrudes on blogging, which is good (half full) in the sense the economy must be picking up
if I’m busier, but which is also not so good (half empty) since I can’t grab a few minutes to blog this week.
But mysteriously enough, someone has grabbed my camera and left this photo on the card. (Wouldn’t it
make a lovely watercolor study for someone with lots of time on their hands?) Sums this week up nicely.
(Edited to add: And are those ants circling the rim, something I missed in haste this morning?
Another commentary on the past workweek?!


And I was admiring this morning the contrast of matte leaves with shiny leaves, as in this photo of coprosma and hellebore,
which tossed me down the rabbit hole of plant combinations, how it’s thrilling when they work, or that you once had the
presence of mind to invent them, or that they sometimes appear whether you had the initial presence of mind or not, but at
the very least you can recognize a good thing when you see it. But must leave the topic woefully unexplored for today.

The coprosma is for full sun, and this hellebore does surprisingly well in the full sun it will get this summer too.


For sheer high gloss, I don’t know of a plant yet that rivals Angelica pachycarpa:


Here’s to half-empty weekends, please.

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2 Responses to Three-Quarters Full

  1. Edith Hope says:

    Dear Denise, I have stumbled across your weblog by accident, but how pleased I am to have found you. You write with such personality and, clearly have a love and knowledge of your plants. I absolutely loved the combination of the helleborus and the coprosma [a plant I do not know] but was amazed that they are both happy in full sun. I should not have thought that the helleborus would have enjoyed such a position.

    I shall return.

  2. admin says:

    So glad you stumbled in! There’s been so many seedlings of this corsican hellebore that I’ve dotted them around, some in places that didn’t seem the best suited, but they’ve taken the sun fine. And yes, please do return. I just found your blog recently and mean to have a good read this weekend. Loved the Sleeper to the Serenissima!

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