Occasional Daily Photo 7/29/11

Echeveria ‘Afterglow’ and Allium senescens. This little mid summer-flowering onion is sweet consolation for an allium-less garden up to this point.
Unlike me, the early-blooming, flamboyant drumstick alliums don’t enjoy a zone 10 garden and prefer chillier winters. And although echeverias don’t need to be kept in pots and can be grown outside year-round by the coast here in Southern California, it’s always nice to have a few in containers to force some interesting companionships between pots and garden. The allium in the garden in bloom, no more than a foot high, becomes borrowed scenery on a miniature scale for a study in pink. Icy starbursts wooing fleshy rosettes. Being a busybody matchmaker is perfectly acceptable with plants.


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2 Responses to Occasional Daily Photo 7/29/11

  1. Scott says:

    Beautiful pairing! Too bad about the other Alliums 🙁 Have you tried ‘Summer Beauty’?

  2. Grace says:

    And what a matchmaker you are! Just delightful.

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