last day of March 2012






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4 Responses to last day of March 2012

  1. Beautiful pictures! I’ve never grown Euphorbia ‘Silver Swan’–how does it compare with the vigor of the straight species?

  2. JMM says:

    Absolutely gorgeous

  3. Scott says:

    Between you and Loree, I’m getting more excited about my trip to San Fran this summer…you’re adding to my list of “must-sees”! That shot of Cornerstone Sonoma made me stop in my tracks…stunning!

  4. Denise says:

    Kristin, this euphorb is really vigorous for a variegated one. They’re all short-lived, and these won’t seed true of course, but that gleam is really something for as long as it lasts. About 3 feet high and as wide now.
    Scott, so excited you’re making the trip. Check out the back pages of for other places to visit, eat, stay, shop, under Resources I think

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