Huntington plant sale swag

Sunday’s plant sale at the Huntington was the best I’ve attended in many years.
The succulents and cactus sale tables are always reason enough to attend, but the herbaceous stuff has been unexciting in recent years bordering on the moribund. This year I found a couple salvias that were new to me, and this gorgeous, leafy brunette, Rumex flexuosus:

429eveplantsale 039

Senecio vira vira formerly S. leucostachys, is a favorite silver that’s rarely available. Nice to find this old friend again.

430morn 037

A good plant sale creates its own giddy momentum. Carnivorous plants, succulents, edibles — seems I brought home at least one of everything with the exception of water plants, though there was much lingering and sighing over the lotus. A full list for record-keeping purposes will go up later this week.

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3 Responses to Huntington plant sale swag

  1. How jealous am I? Very. Someday maybe I’ll time a visit to L.A. to coincide with the sale. It seems like such a “must-do” once in my life.

  2. Denise says:

    Loree, I’m not sure you’d see anything you couldn’t find at your great local nurseries. But it’d be fun to coincide a visit to the Huntington with their plant sale in April — and I wish they’d comp the price of admission if you buy lots of plants, but they don’t!

  3. Grace says:

    The Senecio ‘Vira Vira’ was available up here for awhile. I though it was hardy but no. Dang. The foliage on it is better than the other Dusty Millers I think.

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