monday clippings 9/24/12

It may technically be autumn, but the high temps and torpor of summer persist. I’m feeling a bit muzzled by the heat, but stuff is still getting done.

Agave parrasana ‘Fireball’ was moved to a larger pot this weekend.


As was Agave ‘Dragon Toes’




And this little New Zealand Tree Daisy with the big name of Olearia virgata v. lineata ‘Dartonii’ was potted up too. I’ve already planted an Acacia baileyana ‘Purpurea’ in the last available spot for a tree, so for now this olearia will have to spend a good part of its young life in a container.
Far Reaches Farm’s description reads: “Intriguing ‘Shrub Daisy’ from the South Island in New Zealand. If you’ve hankered for a willow but lament your dry conditions, then weep no more. All the grace and texture of a small willow with the bonus of small white flowers.”


The black containers are from a pottery wholesaler at the southern end of the Harbor Freeway I visited a month or so ago, and the salvaged iron stand has been kicking around here for years. Its original industrial function remains a mystery. A recent purge moved it to a discard pile in the driveway, where I rescued it once again on Saturday. There’s a constant tug between clearing useless junk out and having it on hand to play with.


The shelves are vents of some kind that I picked up at a hardware store over a year ago that looked like they’d be useful for something.
Wish I’d picked up four.


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6 Responses to monday clippings 9/24/12

  1. Sue says:

    Repurposing can be a lengthy prospect but one that can reap great rewards as you obviously have with the shelf. I have some Agaves that are in desperate need of repotting. What type of soil mix do you use?

  2. Jason says:

    You seem to be extremely well organized. I fear you would go into shock if you ever saw the chaos of my garage.

  3. Hoov says:

    Gone minimalist on us? Looks good!

  4. Michelle says:

    Glad you saved the stand and the square pots look so good with it. I love both of those agaves.

  5. Deanne says:

    Oh my wonderful. love the repurposed shelf. Ditto what Sue said about repotting Agaves? I have only one but it’s desperate for a new home. How do you do that wihout impaling yourself and what soil mix do you use.

  6. Denise says:

    @Sue, usually it’s just a general bagged potting mix, not a special blend for cactus/succulents. We get so little rain — but you’d probably have to go with a more free-draining mix.
    @Jason, organized is so relative!
    @Hoov, yes, really trying to clear the visual clutter — and then I make more…
    @Michelle, I think this stand has appeared on the old idyll threads holding mossed baskets. I’ve been playing with it for years. Glad I saved it again too.
    @Deanne, gloves do the trick. These and most small agaves just dump out of the pot easily. I had some old potting soil from some large pots I took apart so I used that this time, but usually use the general bagged mixes.

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