Photo Dump

Not an elegant title, bordering on the indelicate, but that’s about all I can manage on Wednesday, just some shots from the past few days.

Begonia ‘Bonfire’ and aeoniums. I was thrilled to carry this begonia over the winter, the pot turned on its side outdoors to keep it dry and dormant through the winter rains.


The solanums are leaping into growth and flower, even under our typical “June gloom” skies. Love the gloom. It’s not Meyerowitz’s Cape Light, it’s not the Pacific Northwest’s famous pearly light, but it is a respite from the impending four months of unremitting sunshine, or Life in a Toaster Oven.

Solanum rantonnetiii ‘Variegata’


Solanum pyracanthum


The ‘Waverly’ salvia has been blooming since at least February, and now its dusky bracts look especially purply against the bronze fennel.


A pot of succulent cuttings running amok. Odds and ends get stuck in here as they inadvertently break off from their mother plants.
The green aeonium is A. balsamiferum. Red-tipped echeveria is E. agavoides.


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4 Responses to Photo Dump

  1. Kathy Stoner says:

    Hail June Gloom–hope it sticks around for the Idyll festivities. I foolishly left all my Aeoniums outside this winter , and lost every one. I should have known better, but I guess I was pulling for a 30’s winter versus a 20’s winter. Denial. Next fall I will take evasive action with the replacements. Terrific photos Denise…see FB for a photo I posted just this evening of Sues Solanum pyracanthum from last winter, living the good life in a turtle pot.


  2. Denise says:

    I’ll check FB. I remember it was huge compared to mine last year, which was spindly! This year it’s really taken off. Fall planting seems to suit it here. And I’m sure I can find some spare aeoniums to drag up to Napa.

  3. Nice succulent pot! Just shows that sometimes the artless arrangement can be the best one.

    And I would welcome some life in a toaster oven about now. This weekend, *they* say. I’ll believe it when I see it, says I.

  4. That basket of succulents is the best! Happy GBBD.

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