glass artist Amanda Dziedzic

As someone who has had the same Vilmorin Andrieux prints of oversized vegetables in the kitchen since we moved in 20 years ago, I’ve always admired artists who respect vegetables.
The Design Files recently did one of their signature, long-form interviews on Australian glass artist Amanda Dziedzic that has all the breadth and detail required for understanding how Amanda arrived at the moment in her life where she was able to create works of glass such as this:

 photo AmandaD-vegielineup2.jpg

The biggest influence in my work as a whole is nature. I think plant life is fascinating. Probably the most beautiful design out there. The pattern and colours found in plants will always inspire me.”

 photo HC130731B_ADziedzic_9.jpg

 photo HC130731B_ADziedzic_11.jpg

 photo HC130731B_ADziedzic_5-1.jpg

The series of work with vegetables is a result of a “six-week residency at reknowned glass studio Northlands Creative Glass in Lybster, Scotland earlier this year.”

 photo AmandaD-domes.jpg

These bell jars were a collaborative project Amanda undertook with The Design Files for one of their upcoming open houses

AMANDA DZIEDZIC photo TDFOH2013_MelbDining.jpg

The bell jars with their wooden bases

AMANDA DZIEDZIC photo AmandaD-leafyvessels.jpg

If I had to choose a favorite, it just might be these stoppers.

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4 Responses to glass artist Amanda Dziedzic

  1. What cool work! Thanks for sharing these great pieces with your readers. I, too, would select the stoppers if I was forced to choose a favorite. I think everything pictured is beautiful.

  2. Hoov says:

    Wow! Veggies never looked so good.

  3. Kikka says:

    OMG…those GlassVeggies, Love love them!

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