echeverias in a vase

Valentine’s Day quiz:

A small vase holds the short stem of a ruffly rosette that’s not a flower. What can it be?
a) some kind of kale
b) I don’t know, but whatever it is it’s monstrous and obscene
c) an overgrown, long-necked echeveria

 photo P1012530.jpg

 photo P1012526.jpg

Not much of a quiz, because of course it’s an echeveria with about half of its stem trimmed off. They do grow leggy in these parts. I’ll probably root these in sand in a few days, but for now am enjoying how these little vases are managing to support such top-heavy bouquets. The vase itself is what’s really quiz-worthy. In fact, they’re not vases at all, but actually something brought out in the ’70s called the “Uncandle.” The Pyrex name on the glass was the tipoff that this barbell-shaped glassware had some mysterious, heat-tolerant purpose in a past life. I was given a couple as a holiday present (thank you, Dustin!) and was told they were for forcing small bulbs. I later found a few more at a local thrift shop.

 photo P1012535.jpg

It could have used a wash, but I was out the door. So smudgy fingerprints and all, this Valentine’s Day’s bouquet comes in a retro blast from the ’70s…the Uncandle.

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3 Responses to echeverias in a vase

  1. OMG I had a couple of those! (the uncandle) I remember begging my mom for a couple of them. Your use is so much better!

  2. Denise says:

    Loree, you did! Ha! There’s a shorter version too. They really are so beautiful and make amazing vases.

  3. Sheila S says:

    Wandered through Goodwill today and there they were, in with the stemmed glassware: one tall, one short @ 0.99/each. Though I remember admiring these floating candle holders years ago (maybe I even had some??), I never would have identified them if I hadn’t seen this. The line to buy was way too long, but I may stop back to see if they are still there. I’ve got a few ungainly echeverias that could serve a few days on centerpiece duty before I try to root them. Thanks for resurrecting an old memory!

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