mon petit chou

 photo P1012604.jpg

Members of the cabbage family were especially alluring at my community garden yesterday. No wonder “my little cabbage” is a French expression of affection.

 photo P1012585.jpg

This dry, sunny winter seems to agree with them.

 photo P1012545.jpg

 photo P1012582.jpg photo P1012558.jpg

Such a good-looking family. Exquisite chartreuse florets of the Romanesco broccoli.

 photo P1012575.jpg

 photo P1012588.jpg

All photos taken of neighboring gardens. My little patch this winter is sans petit chou.
I’m still traumatized by a run-in with the cabbage moth years ago, but seeing all these so beautifully (and organically) grown gives me courage.

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  1. les says:

    The entire Brassica family has been a key component of winter annual displays here, until this year when nearly all of them turned to little piles of frozen mush.

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