Stolen Garden Kisses

The one-foot tall agave and the giant Polygonum orientale, Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate, would seem fated never to meet, to exist in separate physical planes, forever divided by height and differing moisture needs.


But meet they do, and even kiss, when the agave is grown in a mossed basket hung from a wire tripod about 5 feet high, and the 6-foot Polygonum orientale is bowed over by the weight of its tassels. They totally surprised me with their affection for each other today. Too much fun playing matchmaker to this unlikely duo.

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4 Responses to Stolen Garden Kisses

  1. Alice Joyce says:

    I’d so luv to see this in person.

    Superb combo… kudos!

  2. Kathy says:

    Made for each other !

  3. You have such a beautiful way with words. I’ve been enjoying several of your posts this morning and love how you create such descriptive images for your readers. Is that a little Selago serrata peeking out of the left corner of your photo? If so, high-five! I never see anyone planting these beauties!!

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