Wednesday’s plants

In the interest of keeping a better garden record…

 photo P1010914.jpg
Seeing red — Passiflora vitifolia ‘Scarlet Flame’
I’ve been counting buds, expecting blooms, but even so a fully open flower is a startling sight around 6:30 a.m.
 photo P1010882.jpg
Floating above Sonchus palmensis.
The vine is trained up and horizontally across the pergola and may eventually be allowed to grab support from the tetrapanax too.
 photo P1010918.jpg
Still on the eastern end of the pergola.
A very leggy ‘Zwartkop’ aeonium has been using the tetrapanax for support all winter as well as using the Alcantarea odorata as a silvery foil (Vriesea odorata)
 photo P1010925.jpg
Senecio ficoides ‘Mount Everest’ at upwards of 4 feet.
A small plant was grown rough, stuck into a large potted Euphorbia ingens and then carefully removed once it was 3 feet high. This could be a sensational addition to succulent gardens, especially if it doesn’t topple over.
It’s managed to remain vertical, knock wood. Can’t have too many verticals. The passiflora is background left.
(Edited to add that, unfortunately, the senecio branches do become too heavy to remain vertical. 3-4 feet is about as tall as they can manage before toppling — in good garden soil. Maybe if grown full-sun, dry-garden lean, results would be different.)
 photo P1010940.jpg
Southwest corner of the house. I’m thinking this plectranthus is P. parviflorus ‘Blue Spires.’
It sent out intensely sky blue, foot-long, salvia-like spires this winter. Agave ‘Rumrunner’ on the table and a flowering schlumbergera cutting, a recent gift.
Potted pelargoniums were cleaned up, cut back.
 photo P1010890.jpg
Agave ‘Boutin’s Blue’ is finally happy on the north side of the house with shady friends like fatsia and fatshedera and has outgrown all those nasty burnt leaf tips.
 photo P1010905.jpg
East patio. A recent gift, the
Snowflake Aralia, Trevesia palmata — thank you, Dustin. I’m thinning out potted plants because of the ball and chain they turn into every summer but couldn’t resist this one. I’m hoping to set up areas with timed misters for potted plants this summer (i.e. have asked Marty if this is doable and he seems to think so.)
 photo P1010891.jpg
Parahebe perfoliata in the past has been a sprawler that snakes along the ground. I’m hoping growing it in harsh conditions keeps it dense and upright — but doesn’t kill it outright!
 photo P1010938.jpg
Against the south wall of the house, site of another pot purge. Some were moved elsewhere or given away. There were dozens of pots under the chairs. Agave ‘Blue Embers’ is on the ground, center, caged.
An Aloe pluridens cutting rises tall in the middle — thank you, Carlos, for this cutting along with Aloe nyeriensis aka kedongensis and Aloe fibrosa — gotta keep better records!
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5 Responses to Wednesday’s plants

  1. hb says:

    Your Wednesday is a good one.

  2. Kris P says:

    As I’ve come to expect from you, this is another interesting collection of plants. You’ll have to report on your misting system when you get it together. My feeble efforts to raise the humidity level in my lath house have been relatively ineffective thus far and a misting system sounds like just the ticket.

  3. Elaine says:

    Agave ‘Rumrunner’. Yummy. I wants it.

  4. Denise says:

    @Hoov, indeed!
    @Kris, you may have noticed that I throw down plans on the blog, hoping that making them public inches them forward to reality…
    @Elaine, I’ll check around for a pup if you’re interested.

  5. Renee says:

    That’s a pretty good looking Wednesday! Good look with that misting system… I have the remainder of something on the patio, but all it mists are spiders!

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