saturday clippings 4/4/20

A quick tour around the back garden this early April morning.

 photo IMG_0420.jpg
There it is!

A tidal surge of spring growth is washing up on the gravel under the pergola. It’s a small-garden microcosm and abridged version of a long, undulating path with plants billowing and spilling onto gravel, one of my favorite spring sights. Good thing the plants and I have no need to practice social distancing. Salvia microphylla ‘Big Pink,’ just lightly starting to bloom, is the big plant sprawling almost to the bricks, approximately 3X3′ at the moment, which very soon will be enveloping the legs of the chair — no big deal. There’s plenty of other places to sit.

 photo IMG_0426.jpg
Hello poppy
 photo IMG_0404.jpg
this side table used to hold soaps and salts in the bath house. I think I prefer rotating plants on it under the pergola, pressed on all sides by poppies and salvias. The bath house I share with the parakeet got a spring cleaning and is outfitted with candles and stuff to read, now that I’ve rediscovered the slow pleasures of a hot bath
 photo IMG_0414.jpg
the girth of the pelargonium corner continues to expand
That agave believe it or not is an americana, about a ten-year-old pup that doesn’t offset, very uncharacteristically slow. I’m guessing it’s ‘Mediopicta Aurea’ — doesn’t like a lot of sun.
Such lack of vigor is very unamericana-ish
 photo IMG_0439.jpg
Reseeding Cerinthe major and Agave ‘Dragon Toes’
 photo P1011422.jpg
with some ixia thrown in
 photo P1011413.jpg
Pretty sure both kinds are from Annie’s Annuals — creamy ‘Buttercup’ and this one, ‘Venus’
 photo P1011474.jpg
the window box of salvias and copper canyon daisies is starting to take up a little too much porch space
 photo P1011458.jpg
A pot of California poppies in sunset shades will have to stand in for a superbloom
 photo P1011455.jpg
more kangaroo paws — planted this fall/winter, ‘Regal Velvet’ took no time to settle in and keeps throwing bloom stalks. I think it’s up to ten now.
 photo P1011447.jpg
Anigozanthos ‘Harmony’ is getting reintroduced to the garden, from 4-inch pots
 photo P1011431.jpg
Pitchers stretching higher and higher
 photo P1011360.jpg
In the southeast corner, under the fernleaf acacia, a two-year-old ‘New Zealand Purple’ castor bean is finally bulking up and leaning on Agave americana var. striata’ for support — they make a nice couple!
 photo P1011440.jpg
 photo P1011436.jpg
Coulter Bush, now known as Hymenolepis crithmifolia, and Plectranthus argentatus also grow under the fernleaf acacia
 photo P1011358.jpg
in the front of the house, new growth on Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’ is very similar in color to new growth on the rice paper plant
 photo P1011427.jpg
A Salvia mexicana, a passiflora, and a grevillea are most definitely not maintaining social distancing
 photo P1011429.jpg
‘Flying V’ passionflower has wandered from the garden and headed for the roof eaves of the garage/office — this could be incredible or disastrous, possibly both at the same time
 photo P1011479.jpg
Who says I’m obsessively counting buds?

Kind of an analogue existence here, me and the garden, but there’s an easily accessible and incredibly rich response online to sheltering in place, like “Hundreds Of Museums Around The World Are Sending Each Other Bouquets Of Art Historical Flowers To Spread Love In A Dark Time.”

 photo baer-2-768x10242x.jpg
Coronavirus Tourism Bureau — all images © Jennifer Baer
via This Is Colossal

Brave responses, in a defying-the-blitz kind of spirit.

 photo pandemic-playlist.jpg
by cartoonist John Atkinson

Big plan for the day is to drag the sewing machine down from the attic, see if it still works, and hunt around for suitable fabric for face masks. Then I’ll probably grab The Old Patagonian Express by Paul Theroux to read in the lookout over the laundry shed. Enjoy your day and indulge your every whim — within social distancing limits. Forward!

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3 Responses to saturday clippings 4/4/20

  1. Kris P says:

    That passionflower never ceases to impress me, as does your success with poppies. I love the Pandemic Playlist too.

  2. Elaine says:

    What a tropical paradise especially in the first photo. So much happening and it all looks gorgeous. I have the same little cactus which is also sending up flower buds. If all goes well will get 3-4. Small wonders. Enjoy those long baths.

  3. hb says:

    Lovely April in your garden.

    A rainy day is also a perfect time for a hot bath. Enjoy!

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