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APLD + Arboretum Plant Fair 2018

Leave it to the landscape designers to build one of the best plant fairs I’ve attended — relaxed, convivial, informative, great flow, pacing, and easy accessibility to the plant vendors, multiple ongoing activities seamlessly integrated — all qualities found in … Continue reading

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summer plant report 2018

Imposing title for a modest report on a handful of new plants, right? Regardless of the size limitations of a small garden, I’m always trialing new plants, but I’m hesitant to report on results that might give a false impression … Continue reading

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a Laura Morton garden on the 2018 APLD tour

On last weekend’s APLD “A River Runs Through It” tour, the “Blue Bayou” garden (cue Roy Orbison) designed by Laura Morton looked like “Party Central” to me. I volunteered as a docent for this garden so had ample time to … Continue reading

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