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Cinema Botanica Pick: More Than Honey

I’ve been enthusiastically recommending the documentary More Than Honey whenever the subject of what to watch comes up, and I’ve been getting a lot of “Oh, I noticed that in the queue” as the limp but polite response (streams on … Continue reading

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friday’s clippings 4/20/12

Friday’s Clippings is a handy blog closet into which accumulated stuff can be shoved at the end of the week, things I want to refer to again that might be of wider interest. And speaking of odds and ends shoved … Continue reading

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friday’s clippings 4/6/12

I trust we’ve all safely arrived at the doorstep of this spring weekend relatively intact. My car is in the shop from a minor crash a few weeks back, my first since I can’t remember when, and the rental has … Continue reading

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The Bee Report

Plenty of bees on these poppies. (You weren’t expecting hard science, I hope. ) But this is a subject too serious for flippancy. The short version is that bees are still in serious trouble (and by symbiotic association, so then … Continue reading

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