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The garden continues to percolate along in a quiet January fashion. Poppies, lunaria, Orlaya grandiflora, and Geranium maderense seem to be what’s on the menu for spring — their seedlings are everywhere. A nice problem to have and easy to … Continue reading

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Foliage Followup December 2011

400 South Hope Street, Los Angeles Mellon Bank Center An enormous agave (A. weberi?) in a sea of Senecio mandraliscae, ribboning out into massed plantings of dwarf phormium, then masses of a smaller agave, replaced by blocks of feather grass. … Continue reading

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Landscape Crit

A new shopping center was planted with sharp plants four years ago. Agaves, yuccas. I was thrilled but also slightly alarmed.

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Rediscovering Agave guadalajarana

My memory of the name of this agave planted years ago in the front garden went as far as guada-something. Easy enough to plug in a partial search string, right? Yet searches always narrowed down to the most likely suspect, … Continue reading

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Foliage Follow-Up November 2010

Hosted by Pam at Digging, where we’re regularly treated to the best in Austin, Texas gardens. I have to confess that it’s not just fall that brings leaves into prominence in my garden. Though I give it my best shot, … Continue reading

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Living Walls: Meet the Fedge

More detailed information on living walls keeps trickling in, this piece from today’s LA Times, where Emily Green takes a contrarian stance. I have to admit, I’ve been silently skeptical but nevertheless reading all I can on this trend. The … Continue reading

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Great name for a garden blog (or coffee house, dance company). The term has stuck with me since first reading it used by Gertrude Jekyll in her color theories for gardens. I can’t locate my Gertrude Jekyll compendium at the … Continue reading

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