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busy, busy

It’s spring. Feeling a little pressed for time yet? Join the club. Some of what I’ve been up to the past few weeks include: Cutting sweet peas from my mom’s vines. Buckets and buckets. Mine planted at the community garden … Continue reading

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my mom’s sweet peas

thanks, Mom, for sending me home with sweet peas last night. As insurance, in the fall I planted sweet peas at my mom’s house as well as my community garden plot. I neglected to water the sweet peas at my … Continue reading

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sweet peas and orlaya

Finally made it to the garden plot, where mountains of old chard running to seed were thrown on the compost pile, aged horse manure was dug in, and all was raked and watered. After two weeks of pure neglect, I … Continue reading

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community garden 2/26/14

After sowing some borlotti beans late afternoon in anticipation of rain, I tracked down all the sweet peas in bloom in neighboring plots. The results of my sweet pea safari: And I always stop to admire how Scarlet Flax has … Continue reading

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sweet peas at the community garden

Seems all I bring home from my little 10 X 10 plot lately is sweet peas and fava beans. Not exactly a practical daily diet, but nourishing enough each in their own way. More on the mysteries of fava beans … Continue reading

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Les’ Winter Walk-Off

Les’ rules (A Tidewater Gardener). Leave your home or workplace on foot. Bicycles are OK. Bring a camera along. Depending where you live, the Winter Walk-off challenge may be a snowy trek requiring a team of huskies and a sled … Continue reading

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Here it comes… Did you get a whiff? No? Maybe scoot your chair just a bit closer. Smellovision didn’t work so great in 1960 either. I cut this bunch of sweet peas last night from my mom’s first garden, a … Continue reading

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