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Bloom Day February 2015

Bloom Day — you know the drill. (And if you don’t and somehow stumbled here unwittingly, just calm down and see May Dreams Gardens for some helpful background by Carol.) I bought this Banksia ericifolia from a newish nursery in … Continue reading

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Bloom Day October 2014

Guest-hosted by Evie the Cat. Not another Bloom Day…and you’ve got nuthin’ Wait, I got it! Why don’t you show them your nerines?* Let’s see what else we’ve got… Evie, those aren’t blooms! I better take over. Bloom on the … Continue reading

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favorites 4/10/14

Loree at Danger Garden shares her favorite plants in the garden every week, and spring is a good time to join in, when so much is fleeting and the turnover in favorites comes at a rapid pace. True, that’s not … Continue reading

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clippings 9/30/13

While on the subject of concrete, precast manhole covers, stacked. I prefer to have a day’s worth of concrete projects if I’m going to drag all that mess out. Found at BHG here, but the link loads slow. I was … Continue reading

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the Climbing Onion, Bowiea volubilis

It must be pretty obvious by now that I’m refusing to look at the big, end-of-summer picture. So I’m offering another micro plant portrait, the South African Climbing Onion. Logee’s calls Bowiea volubilis “an old favorite.” If so, this old … Continue reading

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Echeveria agavoides ‘Ebony’

Seen at the 2013 Inter-City Cactus & Succulent Show held at the Los Angeles County Arboretum over the weekend. Once again, on the show table, not the sales table. Echeveria agavoides ‘Ebony,’ intensely desirable and chronically unavailable. Is it going … Continue reading

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scenes from the garden 7/6/13

There’s an unspoken Upstairs/Downstairs, front garden/back garden dynamic at home, as I suspect there is with most hands-on gardens. Most of the front garden isn’t tinkered with much anymore, needs little attention, more of just keeping an eye on sizes. … Continue reading

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Bloom Day June 2013

For a girl who couldn’t get an eryngium to bloom before, this is shaping up to be an exciting summer. Eryngium pandanifolium is supposedly the biggest eryngo of them all. I’ve been intently watching it develop this wicked candelabra of … Continue reading

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Lilium ‘African Queen’

For purplepixie, who wants to paint these lilies on the wall of a friend and asked for more angles back in April. I would love to watch as these colors get mixed on the palette. Here you go, lots of … Continue reading

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wednesday flower studies

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