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Snowmen and Poinsettia Trees

I bet my neighborhood is not unique in offering examples of a wide variety of garden styles. There is ample representation from the meticulous lawn-and-hedge contingent, a style that dovetails nicely into holiday decorating. Many argue that lawns, while not … Continue reading

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Where Was The Sun?

One of those drizzly, grey days where one mumbles phrases from Conan Doyle’s The Musgrave Ritual: ‘Where was the sun?’ ‘Over the oak.’ ‘Where was the shadow?’ ‘Under the elm.’ Not a bad day to keep to the couch and … Continue reading

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The Great Corgi Caper

Maybe your local newspaper was following this story. Possibly the breaking Wikileaks news edged it off the front page. Now that Bunny and Peter have been rescued, I can exhale and indulge in some flippancy, but make no mistake, for … Continue reading

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Got Cranberries?

We stumbled into this sight, an impromptu cranberry bog, at Rockefeller Center this past October. Who on earth could be behind such a spectacle? Exquisitely appropriate seating for the occasion in the form of picnic tables and benches running down … Continue reading

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Under A Big Tent

If I named my home at this moment, something I’ve been mulling over for a while, Hotel Chaotica would be a good fit. The big tent is coming next week under which death will be dealt to the termites chewing … Continue reading

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Mixology in the Garden

A couple days ago a non-gardening member of the household burst through the screen door and out onto the porch and barked at me, “Grow me some cilantro!” I barked back, “Grow it yourself. The smell makes me retch. What … Continue reading

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Good morning, tetrapanax

Everything gets to be dewy and succulent for a moment, however brief. And if you play it right, it’s just enough. (Barely.) But enough. (Happy weekend!)

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A pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray

Elvis Costello does Penny Lane for his mum and the POTUS, filmed June 2, 2010, for PBS. I know I’m betraying both my age and a schmaltz streak a mile wide, but… this is lovely. Well done, Elvis. I was … Continue reading

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Fungus Humongous

I found this neon-yellow eruption on a eucalyptus stump this morning. I swear it wasn’t there yesterday, but that doesn’t seem possible.  I always stand on this stump, in the southeast corner of the back garden, to cut back the … Continue reading

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The Rhythm of the Heat

The cannas are finally head-high, but it’s taken them a while in this very cool summer on the coast in Southern California. California is breaking records for cool temps, while record-breaking mostly everywhere else has been going in the other … Continue reading

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