Yesterday was the winter solstice, so one of the best holiday presents of all, the gift of lengthening days, has already been delivered. I’ll take that over new socks any day. Huzzah!

I’ve gift-wrapped AGO in some images from 2012, a small attempt to thank the readers and bloggers who’ve made […]

live through this (Halloween 2012)

After the storm of the century, are you really in the mood for a postapocalyptic zombie movie on Halloween?

I know I’m not. Gates are locked, porch lights are dimmed, and on the Netflix queue tonight we’ll be watching (and it streams):

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (photo from 3guys1movie)

Just my speed. […]

flowers for tori

A single nerine stem of congratulations for being the first woman artist whose new album simultaneously listed in the Top 10 of Billboard’s alternative, classical, and rock categories. A listen to the new Night of Hunters can be found at that link.

Because I find Tori Amos one of those nourishing artists, along […]

winter whites

I know it’s only mid-October, but I’m already dreaming of winter whites. Evie sports her winter coat year-round and so is always exquisitely attired.

And frosty astelia gets the juices flowing for more winter whites. But the winter whites I’m referring to are not fetched from a wobbly wardrobe kept in the attic, which […]


Such a joy to watch Peter Falk in Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire. Here chatting with an angel at a Berlin food truck.

photo found here

So many good things.

Wings of Desire

Los Angeles in January

This was the scene from the 25th floor conference room I worked in today. Temps were in the mid 70′s.

That might as well be Janus doing the back stroke on this balmy day in the month of January, the month named for him, the two-headed Roman god of beginnings who looks simultaneously backward […]

The View From The Kitchen Window

The New York Times has an ongoing series entitled “Windows on the World, a series in which writers from around the world describe the view from their windows.”

They haven’t asked anonymous gardeners to contribute, just famous writers, but I’m playing along anyway.

This photo approximates what I see when I stumble into the […]

Happy New Year

The buses run free of charge tonight, there’s street music and food downtown, so we’re going to bundle up, step out, and see what the city has to offer this New Year’s Eve.

Reflecting on my first year in “narcissistic journalism” leaves me uncharacteristically mute. All I can say is, these are truly interesting times. […]

Memories of Rain

I didn’t get around to re-watching Blade Runner for the zillionth time the other night, that gorgeous cinematic meditation on memory. (“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.”)

But these record-breaking rainstorms are doing a fine job of churning up childhood memories of past winter storms.

Fountain from […]

Another Seattle Export?

The usual state of affairs, I’m told, is Southern Californian hordes invading the Pacific Northwest, or at least such was the case before the great real estate unraveling after 2008. This past week proves that Los Angeles can stay home and still embrace the misty charms of the PNW. Having become accustomed to the ubiquity […]