Marina District, San Francisco

There’s a particular pet-friendly motel we like in this district near the Presidio in San Francisco, the Marina Motel, which is where we stayed for the recent garden show.

Ein with his garden show face on.

Plants are a big part of this little motel’s appeal. This brugmansia was in bloom in the courtyard, […]

Wyatt Ellison Metal Work

Somebody sign this man up now to do whatever he wants with an exhibit at a 2012 garden show. Flora Grubb Gardens currently has a good selection of his work, where I snapped these photos over the weekend.

Images frrom the website Wyatt Studio:

Geometric globes

Morocco totems

Tetris […]

Garden Show Road Trip 2011

Smashing two of my fingers in a car door just before leaving San Francisco hasn’t helped to speed up the process of posting a few measly photos from the show. Not quite the airtight excuse, since having two fingers turning gothic shades of purple and inky blue didn’t prevent me yesterday from planting nearly the […]

Do You Groupon?

Current rainwater catchment system:

Desired rainwater catchment system, available now, half-price, through Groupon.

We’ve been dithering for some time over how to incorporate into a small lot what have been up to now bulky rainwater collection systems. The size, the modularity, the ease of fitting into the slim, unused spaces against the garage, […]

Plant Show Weekend/Weakened

I vaguely remember promising not to post any more photos of tulips, so in my weakened state I’m violating that oath with one more photo of tulips ‘Queen of the Night,’ taken just before heading north for the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. The tulips have no doubt been flattened by the serial storms […]

Do It In The Garden

The couch was occupied by a lower back temporarily refusing to face another day, so the person attached to the lower back had on the TV to ease the situation. (Not my lower back, still capable of a good dig this spring.) Playing on the TV was the movie from which I’m paraphrasing, Scorcese’s Mean […]

Potting Soil From Flora Grubb

MB Maher is spending a lot of time in San Francisco this spring and needed to buy some potting soil for the new roots he’s putting down. He sent back a few photos of his excursion. Nice place to buy potting soil.

Flora Grubb Gardens


Occasional Daily Photo/Poppy Pictorial

With a nod to Sports Illustrated, The Poppy Issue, eagerly anticipated by quivering antennae everywhere.

Poppies are everything I aspire to be: simultaneously modest and bold, strong but always flexible, taking up only as much ground as necessary and not an inch more, graceful, dependable, generous, etc…


Senecio crassimus

I don’t see this succulent for sale frequently, or in gardens very often for that matter. Got mine at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show a couple years back, which coincidentally is opening next week, March 23-27, 2011. If I find it again, I might bring home another Senecio crassimus this year. Judging by […]

West Los Angeles Nursery Crawl

I don’t explore West Los Angeles and Santa Monica nearly enough, since getting there means battling some of the worst traffic in Southern California. But yesterday afternoon I had to work in the 1800 block of Sawtelle, roughly between Olympic and Santa Monica Boulevard. Leaving mid-day, the traffic was relatively thin, and I arrived early […]