some kangaroo paws

Anigozanthos is becoming as common as agapanthus in Southern California, but I’m still a fan. Blooms for months, fine on the dry side, handles full sun, dramatically vertical. You’d think there’d be a huge selection available. But it’s pretty much orange, yellow, red, pink. Ocasionally that amazing black one turns up in nurseries, which goes […]

Venice Garden & Home Tour suspended for 2015

Last year I mixed up the dates and foolishly missed the Venice Garden & Home Tour. So tonight, tra la la, I’m diligently checking the date early to mark in bold letters on my brand-new 2015 desktop calendar…which is when I discover that the tour has been canceled. Indefinitely. “For the foreseeable future.” There goes […]

Bloom Day January 2015

It wouldn’t do to start the new year off skipping the first Bloom Day, which is technically the 15th of every month, but our host Carol (May Dreams Gardens) doesn’t seem to mind slackers.

Helleborus argutifolius, the last plant remaining, sown into the bricks against the back wall. I pulled the others in […]

Blue-Podded Blauwschokkers

The modest haul from my little community garden plot yesterday. I’ve got the smallest size plot available, 10X10, but so far it’s just big enough. I am so not a serious grower of edibles. I don’t can, pickle, or freeze. There are never massive, bounteous harvests to deal with. It’s all eaten […]

floral fireworks

Oooh…it looks just like…Calluna vulgaris !

At fireworks shows, I’m the one that keeps up a running commentary of free associations, so this “Flowerwork” by artist Sarah Illenberger for The Plant journal was an instant hit with me.

From her website: “Sarah is renowned for creating vivid, witty images that open up […]

Occasional Daily Weather Report 1/11/15 (the rainy day song)

image found here

We all know that famous paean to a rainy day. But there’s another rainy day tribute, done by Sesame Street in the 1980s, that is every bit as much an earworm. Decades later, everyone at our house still knows it by heart. So consider yourself warned and listen to the […]

Cinema Botanica: Only Lovers Left Alive

If time is an ocean, then 2015 is already bobbing with the detritus of Best-of-2014 lists. I usually love these lists but just don’t have any idea where to look now that there’s so many out there. There was a time when the year ended was avidly commemorated with just The Los Angeles […]

Occasional Daily Weather Report 1/2/15

The thrumming of little portable heaters has been the constant background noise here at home in these brand-new days of the new year. A post-holiday chest cold has descended on the entire household, which has left me fit for nothing but shuffling around the garden in between extended bouts on the couch, getting up only […]