winter whites

I know it’s only mid-October, but I’m already dreaming of winter whites.
Evie sports her winter coat year-round and so is always exquisitely attired.


And frosty astelia gets the juices flowing for more winter whites. But the winter whites I’m referring to are not fetched from a wobbly wardrobe kept in the attic, which would be violative of the ancient “no whites after Labor Day” rule I’ve read about, nor does it refer to any specific weather condition. It’s more a state of mind here in Southern California. What the concept of winter whites really means is there will be more roasted vegetables for dinner. More books will be read. Skin will feel chilled again and have to be covered in something warm and plush. Long walks can be had without breaking a sweat. Soup! To-do lists freshened up and reprioritized. Tulip bulbs potted up in December. Really hot baths again. The muffled sounds of foggy mornings. (Soup!) Imaginary gardens built and torn apart. Seeds to be sown. Becoming reacquainted with the delicious sights and sounds of rain.

And almost as significant, Downton Abbey returning in January.


In every home winter whites arrive in the most amazing packages.

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5 Responses to winter whites

  1. Scott Weber says:

    Oh yes…Downton Abbey…can’t wait!!! I sometimes feel I’m in a minority for enjoying our winters here in PDX. After not using the oven all summer, it felt amazing to roast some veggies this past weekend!

  2. Denise says:

    Scott, such clever programming to air new episodes of DA in January. There should be more Sherlock episodes soon too. And we roasted sweet potatoes a couple nights ago too. Winter’s not all bad 😉

  3. linda says:

    Did you know , if you really want this British telly, you need ” my- Private- network” . It’ll give you access to all the British TV channels…fantastic ! So winter wonderful

  4. Kathy says:

    Well put Denise..though I am usually sick and tired of grey days and rain by April, I’m always happy to see the 1st few storms.

  5. Denise says:

    Linda, thank you! I’ve now seen the first episode of the new season.
    Kathy, even after living near the coast most of my life, I’m still a fan of grey. Warped, I know.

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