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Science = Illumination

(via Design Sponge)

Scientists deserve the highest praise for illuminating the world around us.
Designer Pani Jurek seems to feel the same way, naming this test-tube chandelier in honor of scientist Maria Skłodowska-Curie.


To borrow a word Ms. Curie coined (“radioactivity”), I find these chandeliers, well, simply radiant.

From Pani Jurek’s Facebook page: “Maria S.C. lamp is made from chemistry test tubes, set in two plywood bands. This surprising material and geometric shape makes this lamp both classic and innovative. The double glass cylinder recalls Art Deco forms in a unique contemporary way. The use of ready-made objects gives an appearance with a Duchamp idea. The tubes are detachable and the lamp provides the opportunity for visual experiment by creating a variety of configurations and arrangements.”

Slightly reminiscent of UC Berkeley’s hydroponics exhibit at last year’s San Francisco Flower & Garden that confounded and/or delighted attendees. (Which, by the way, will be held this year March 21-25.)


I am so drawn to modern takes on chandeliers.
(This little number hanging from our bathroom ceiling fan has yet to be wired for light.)


And while we’re on the subject of innovative chandeliers, sfgirlbybay recently wrote about her Patrick Townsend “White Orbit Chandelier” that had me gasping in admiration, shown in black in this photo from her website, “a tension + compression design based on the same principle as a suspension bridge.”


For more information on the Maria S.C. chandelier, contact Monika at monika@gangdesign

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  1. a test tube chandelier! brilliant! (pun unavoidable.) so beautiful i’m tearing up. love it.

  2. Denise says:

    Daricia, pun away!

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